Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Residential Wind Turbines Not Ready Claims Another Industry Expert

Residential wind turbines seem to be getting a lot of negative press lately. Last week, wind industry expert Paul Gipe was quoted as saying that "small wind doesn't make economic sense" and this week another industry expert is expressing similar reservations.

As reported by the Alternative Energy Retailer Online:

The small wind industry received a cold slap in the face from the Minneapolis Star Tribune's home improvement Fixit column, which discouraged homeowners from installing turbines.

The question posed to the Fixit column was: Does it make sense to add a wind turbine to my home? The author, Karen Youso, contacted state energy specialist Phil Smith for his expert opinion. I wouldn't call it "a cold slap in the face", but Smith got his point across that some problems have to be overcome before residential wind turbines will be worth "the trouble and expense". His advice is to do all you can to reduce your energy consumption before considering any alternative energy source.

Here's a link to the original column: http://www.startribune.com/397/story/1500798.html.

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