Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Residential Wind Power Starting To Take Off

Red Hot Residential Wind Power

It appears the residential wind power market is heating up. An article posted to the Wind Power Handbook site yesterday titled Red Hot Wind called the market "tiny but red-hot". It also provided some other interesting tidbits.

Wind power advocate Trudy Forsyth is quoted in the article, noting that 26 of the 50 states have incentives or subsidies for home wind and the industry is thriving even though it doesn't have the federal support provided to home solar and big wind. The article cites zoning issues as the biggest reason why we still don't see many residential wind turbines and gives some good advice on how this hurdle can be overcome.

From the article:

If a small wind project is what you are after, you need to rally support early from your friends, neighbors, and local stakeholders. Make sure you do your homework. Understand your zoning laws and get legal help early. Do all you can to engage your utility company in a net metering relationship (make sure that net metering is an option before you even start !). And check out the newest in residential turbine designs.

Wind Power Handbook

The Wind Power Handbook site looks like a great resource for wind advocates who have the daunting task of trying to get community acceptance for large scale wind projects or even for their own home wind turbine.

From the Wind Power Handbook site About page:

This website, and the Wind Project Community Organizing handbook, workshops and consulting services are skill builders for influencing others. The step-by-step approach guides you to develop critical skills in interpersonal communication that will show you how to become more successful in your advocacy activities.

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